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Pregnancy-fit and Mom-fit

Are you looking for an active lesson to keep exercising during and after pregnancy and do you also want some more information about this period and what comes after it? Then Pregnancy-fit and Mom-fit is something for you!
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More about Pregnancy-fit and Mom-fit

Pregnancy-fit/Mom-fit is a contemporary cursus for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. The lessons are given by a physiotherapist specialised in the pelvic area and pregnancy-related assistance. The course is a renewed version of pregnancy assistance which combines years of experience with the latest (scientific) insights into pelvic pain and the function of the pelvic floor. During the course, you will be given many tips about the bodily changes during pregnancy and how to avoid various ailments. You will also get theory lessons about the course of giving birth. There is also the possibility to exchange experiences with other (expecting) mothers. You can start this course from the 12th week of pregnancy onward.

The pelvic floor: anatomy and function

The pelvic floor consists of muscles. These muscles are not immediately visible like the muscles in your belly or legs. The pelvic muscles stretch from the front of your pelvis to the back. Women have three openings in their pelvic floor: the vagina, urethra and anus.

Functions of the pelvic floor

  • Support of the stomach organs
  • Blocking of urine, defecation and air, including sudden pressure such as coughing or laughing
  • Allowing the urinary tract, bowels and sexual intercourse to function correctly

During pregnancy and childbirth, afflictions can appear which have to do with the (mal)functioning of the pelvic floor. These are afflictions such as: urine loss, difficulty with blocking bowel movement, and pain during sex. Because of this, it is important to pre-emptively train the pelvic floor to minimise the chances of these afflictions appearing after childbirth. Pregnancy-fit spends time on practicing the pelvic floor every lesson.

What makes Pregnancy-fit and Mom-fit unique?

Pregnancy-fit is meant for active women during pregnancy and the period afterwards. Pregnant women can join the course from the 12th week of pregnancy; or later, of course! A benefit of this is that the muscles of the pelvis and pelvic floor are trained relatively early during pregnancy. In the case of any complaints / problems in or around the pelvic floor, advice can be given in an early stadium. 4-6 weeks after childbirth, lessons can be started again. If needed and wished, you can continue until nine months after childbirth. Every woman can train for as long as she feels she needs to; this can of course be decided in consultation with Pregnancy-fit teachers. The active lessons have a clear structure: the lesson starts with a warming up and light fitness training to improve condition; then follow focused exercises for the coordination and strengthening of various muscles. Special attention is paid to coordination, stabilisation, and muscle strengthening of the pelvic floor. The lesson ends with relaxation- and breathing exercises. Partner lessons and the Mom-café are organised regularly. The Mom-café is often joined by a paediatric nurse or baby-consultant, with information about babies, tips, and tricks. With sufficient interest, they will also organise a course in baby massaging.

Practical information

Wednesday evening

19:00 – 20:00: Pregnancy-fit, course from 12 weeks of pregnancy onward, including theory and partner lessons
20:00 – 21:00: Mom-fit, course from 4-6 weeks after childbirth onward with regular Mom-café

Physiotherapy Douma Hilversum – Hilvertshoek

Diependaalselaan 197, Hilversum

We work with a system with multi-tickets, whereby you start with a ticket worth 8 lessons.
After these 8 lessons, you can buy new lessons 5 at a time. You can use this card for both Pregnancy-fit and Mom-fit.

If you have not followed Pregnancy-fit, but you do want to participate in Mom-fit, you can buy cards worth five lessons for that as well.

8 lessons – 65 euro
Per 5 lessons afterwards: 40 euro
Unused lessons may be used for Mom-fit

5 lessons: 40 euro

You can sign up telephonically by calling to 035-6216812 or by mailing to

ZwangerFit(r) (The official name of Pregnancy-fit) is a protected title and may only be used for physiotherapists who have followed a registered zwangerFit(r) education or for registered pelvic physiotherapists. The product is developed commisioned by the NVFB (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fysiotherapie bij Bekkenproblematiek en Pre and Postpartum Gezondheidszorg, or Dutch Association for Physiotherapist regarding Pelvic Problematics and Pre- and Postpartum Healthcare).