Pelvic physiotherapy

Pelvic physiotherapy is focused on improving the function of the muscles in and around the pelvis.

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Indications for pelvic physiotherapy

  • Loss of urine, needing to urinate abnormally often
  • Loss of defecation or flatulence, abnormal need to use the bathroom, constipation
  • Pain during sex
  • Diastasis
  • Pain in the pelvic floor
  • Women: prolapse, pelvic pain during pregnancy
  • Men: erection- and ejaculation problems

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More about pelvic physiotherapy

Pelvic physiotherapy is focused on improving the function of the muscles in and around the pelvis. These muscles play a role in blocking urine and defecation from leaving the body, but are also important for sex and maintaining your body’s posture. The pelvic physiotherapist helps you with allowing these muscles to resume their normal function, if necessary with the help of bio-feedback machinery.

Pelvic physiotherapy gives you direct insight into the connections between your afflictions and the possibilities to lessen them. The treatment programme of the pelvic physiotherapist also consists of instructions to correctly utilise your pelvis and pelvic muscles, advice and assistance.

A pelvic physiotherapist is a physiotherapist who has followed an extra education in pelvic physiotherapy after completing their education in physiotherapy. This education lends them extra knowledge about the mobility of the pelvis and the pelvic floor, also in relation to the lower back, stomach and hips. With her specialised education, the pelvic physiotherapist is excellently able to examine the cause of your afflictions. They can find a custom-made solution for each and every body.


During the first treatment session, the therapist holds an extensive conversation with the patient and carries out a bodily examination. With the use of this examination, they can then give a prognosis and draft a treatment plan together with you. Whether pelvic physiotherapy will help with your affliction will become apparent during the first treatment and is also dependent on your own effort.


After an initial screening, the first appointment consists of two parts: an interview and a bodily examination. During the interview, the pelvic physiotherapist will ask you questions about your afflictions; for example, when they started appearing and when they increase or decrease intensity. This is used to determine the presumable causes of your afflictions. If an internal examination is needed, it will be planned together with you for the second appointment. Together with you, the pelvic physiotherapist decides whether pelvic physiotherapy will be of use. If that is the case, the physiotherapist will discuss a plan for further treatment with you. The patient has a clear view of the follow-up immediately after the first appointment.

Characteristics of the treatment

The pelvic physiotherapist teaches the patient how to tense and relax the muscles in and around the pelvic floor at the right moment. This can be done with manual facilitation or using bio-feedback machinery. The pelvic physiotherapist’s treatment program further consists of giving good advice, assistance and insight into healthy mobility.

Treatment in the practice

Pelvic physiotherapy takes place in a specially-equipped practice room, and thus in most cases not in the patient’s home. Good pelvic physiotherapy, after all, assumes to availability of a specific treatment room with specific equipment. Only in very exceptional cases, on explicit request from a doctor, will a treatment session take place in a patient’s home, and even then only to perform a diagnostic consultation.

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