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Orthopaedic Revalidation

Revalidation after a knee- hip-, or shoulder injury.
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More about orthopaedic revalidation

Orthopaedic revalidation is suitable for patients which have undergone an orthopaedic operation in the hospital. You can also be directly referred to a physiotherapist by an orthopaedic surgeon, without an operation. Common orthopaedic operations include hip- and knee operations such as total hip prosthesis, and posterior cruciate ligament-, meniscus-, or viewing operations. Orthopaedic revalidation also includes therapy for recovery after bodily trauma due to an accident, such as bone fractures, ankle- or knee injuries, or shoulder- or elbow afflictions. The revalidation period starts immediately after being discharged from the hospital, or after you are referred after an operation by a specialist. If you have been operated on, it is important to start recovering your mobility and stability in a responsible manner as soon as possible. The goal of orthopaedic revalidation is to improve the mobility of a bone or joint, decrease pain, improve load capacity, endurance, and coordination and strengthen muscle power. We design a plan for your treatment together with you, in accordance to the regulations of the relevant protocol.


Treatment begins with your admittance, with or without a referral by a doctor. After this follows an extensive intake conversation. In this conversation you will be asked questions, a bodily examination will be undertaken and if necessary, you will be given questionnaires to fill in. Then a treatment plan will be drafted together with you, which will also detail various sub-goals beside your main end goal. Treatment takes place in a treatment room, the practice hall and/or outside, depending on the nature of and the progress in your revalidation. beside the treatment in the practice, you will often also be given a training program or lifestyle rules to take home. The most important part of the treatment consists of the functional practice therapy. This therapy serves to improve the local and general load capacity and restore functions which you need in your daily life, at work and while sporting. This treatment will take place in accordance to the treatment protocols. With a digital patient-recording system, the progress of your treatment is made visible. Using this, we can measure whether the treatment goals set with you have been realised. After a number of sessions follows an intermediate evaluation, in which you and our physiotherapists will judge the progress of your revalidation, and if necessary adjust the treatment. Ultimately the revalidation will be ended, an final evaluation will be made and an end rapport will be made to the doctor that referred you.


You can make an appointment in these situations:

  • After bone fractures
  • After contusions
  • To prepare for an operation
  • To revalidate after an operation
  • To get more information in case of doubt