Medical Taping Treatment

Medical taping is a treatment method in which muscle activity is used to help recovery after injuries. Muscles aid blood flow and the draining of waste substances through the body.

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Medical taping uses elastic tapes which support muscles without obstructing them. The muscle activity improves tissue blood flow and so aids recovery.

Medical tape vs. sport tape

Medical taping is the successor of conventional sport tape. Normal sport tape is used to partially obstruct the movement of a muscle or joint. To achieve this, the sport tape is applied using pressure, which has negative effects on blood and lymph flow. This can make recovery last unnecessarily long. Medical taping makes use of medical tape. This tape supports tissues and joints in their functioning. The freedom of movement and blood flow of the tissue remain perfectly intact.

Medical tape allows you to move in a completely natural manner. And while you are sporting or working, your body works on your recovery.

Treatment method

Medical taping is suitable for the treatment of a diverse array of afflictions:

  • Bring tension to weak muscles
  • Help relax tense muscles
  • Protect muscles from overburdenin
  • Protect joints
  • Mute pain
  • Reduce infections
  • Correct posture
  • Lessen lymph oedema

Medical taping and hay fever

A-CHOO! Does all that pollen in the air bother you as well? Incredibly annoying, of course! There’s a massive amount of ‘remedies’ available against hay fever, of course, from eating cockroaches to good medication. But did you know that medical taping also seems to have a positive effect against hay fever?

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