Medical Fitness

In addition to physiotherapy, also exercise in Hilversum under expert supervision

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More about medical fitness

Medical fitness helps maintain or improve your health. To have enough energy for your daily life, you might want to improve your condition or lose weight, but not in a crowded fitness centrum surrounded by top-fit athletes. In the practices of Physiotherapy Douma, we understand this. Therefore, we offer you different forms of medical fitness. We combine the comfort of a fitness centrum with professionality and personal attention from the angle of physiotherapy. In this way, we lead you to fitness.

Characteristics of medical fitness are:

  • Improving your health with personal assistance
  • Help with becoming and remaining active
  • Help focused on your situation
  • Help based on your possibilities, wishes and preferences
  • Evaluation of your results and adjustment of your program
  • Available both individually and in groups

€50,00 - card for 10 times individual training

Zilveren Kruis compensations

Specially for those insured with (ex-)Agis or Zilveren Kruis, we offer a 3-month Medical Fitness programme, which is even (partially) compensated for those insured with Agis!

Medical Fitness entails:

  • The drafting of a personal health profile and risk analysis (intake and health check). Factors which are measured include weight, length, BMI and blood pressure. We also undertake a cycling check.
  • A general training program with an instructional session, training sessions and evaluation moments
  • Two training sessions per week with personal assistance
  • A final conversation with tips and advice

Normally €168,75, but now with a 20% discount: €135,- for 3 months

Compensation for the (ex-)Agis insured:

  • Compactpolis compensation: € 50,-
  • Compleetpolis compensation: € 75,-
  • Comfortpolis compensation: € 100,-
  • ComfortPluspolis compensation: € 125,-
  • 50 Plus Actief Polis compensation: € 150,-
  • Gezinnenpolis compensation: € 125,-


Monday 7:30-8:30
Wednesday 8:00-9:00
Saturday 8:00-9:00

What: working on condition, mobility and muscle power in small groups 1 hour per week

Costs: 100 euro for sixteen weeks (once per week