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Physiotherapy Douma location Hilvertshoek

All information about our our location Hilvertshoek in Hilversum
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Diependaalselaan 197

Welcome to Hilvertshoek

At Physiotherapy Douma, you are at the right address for all physiotherapy in Hilversum. We have three locations in Hilversum, so you can always find one close to you. One of our locations can be found at Diependaalselaan 197 in Hilversum. We are open from Monday through Saturday. Make contact with our practice and you will be helped within 24 hours. All of Physiotherapy Douma’s location have multiple treatment rooms and training halls. You are guaranteed personal attention and goal-focused, high-quality care. Since 2006 you can be treated by one of our physiotherapists without a referral by a doctor or specialist. This way, you can choose your own therapist and begin treatment more quickly.

Treatment with Physiotherapy Douma?

Our location Hilvertshoek in Hilversum is designed to feel open and has access to multiple treatment rooms. The treatment rooms each have their own treatment surface where physiotherapists can do their work. Besides the treatment rooms, there is also a gym. The gym contains a multitude of machines on which you can perform a variety of exercises, such as hometrainers, crosstrainers and treadmills. The machines are of excellent quality. To make sure you are performing the exercises correctly, you can watch yourself in the mirror. The exercises are observed critically by the physiotherapist, so that a perfect exercise plan for you can be developed. Physiotherapy Douma has a total of 11 physiotherapists, who are all BIG-registered. Besides that, they are also registered in the CKR of the KNGF. Physiotherapy Douma is a PlusPraktijk, which means we work together with for example dentists and dieticians in hospitals. We are not only specialised in physiotherapy, but also in pregnant-fit, edema therapy, dry needling and acupuncture. Physiotherapy Douma orients its treatment specifically on your personal experience and afflictions.

Compensations and healthcare insurance

Physiotherapy Douma Hilvertshoek has contracts with every Dutch healthcare insurer. When you are treated by us, the [factuur?] is sent directly to your healthcare insurer. This means you will not get a [factuur] from us, but only from your insurer. Whether your treatment will be compensated depends on your insurance. Basis insurance usually does not include physiotherapy treatments; you will need an additional insurance for that. If you fo not have additional insurance, treatment costs will be subtracted from your ‘eigen risico’. The minimum ‘eigen risico’ value was fixed at €385,- in 2016.

Adress / Opening hours

Diependaalselaan 197

1214 KB HilversumNH
Telephone: 035-2400124
Fax: 035-2400125

Day Opening hours
Monday 07:00 – 21:00
Tuesday 07:00 – 21:00
Wednesday 07:00 – 17:00
Thursday 07:00 – 21:00
Friday 07:00 – 17:00
Saturday 08:00 – 13:00
Sunday Gesloten

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Where can you find us?

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Quality of our physiotherapists

The physiotherapists employed at our locations are BIG-registered and registered in the KNGF’s CKR. Physiotherapy Douma is a PlusPraktijk, which means that our physiotherapists work together with other medical specialists such as dentists and dieticians. We guarantee you that at Physiotherapy Douma you will enjoy the best healthcare possible!

40 years of experience when it comes to moving and health!
Personal attention & guaranteed the best quality of care
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Discover the Diependaalselaan in Hilversum

Hilversum is the Netherlands’ ‘media city’. In this city lies the Media Park, where many television- and radio productions are made. Many organisations, such as NOS RTV, Studio 100, Digitenne, DutchView, Media Academie and other enterprises are based in the Media Park. And if you are in Hilversum anyway, you should also visit the brilliant botanical gardens. In the mood for a romantic dinner? In ‘de Mangerie’ you can enjoy culinary high points from various regions in China. This Chinese restaurant has been a concept in Het Gooi for quite some time. The menu is never the same; you will always find new delicious dishes and great wines. De Mangerie offers lovely dining for a nice price. For the fitness enthusiasts, there is van Hellemond Sport. In this gym you can learn everything about fitness, swimming and self-defence. It’s the gym for the whole family! Physiotherapy Douma at Diependaalselaan 337A is easily accessible with the bus or with bus line 104.

Locations in Hilversum

We have multiple physiotherapy practices in Hilversum, so there is always a physiotherapist close to you. Our physiotherapists treat you with enjoyment and personal attention. You can choose the location of your treatment yourself.

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