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Physiotherapy after Corona

Physiotherapy practices in Hilversum

Looking for a physical therapist near you in Hilversum, Noord-Holland? Then contact the nearest location of Physiotherapy Douma. We have three locations spread throughout Hilversum.

Physiotherapy Douma “Main Location”

Diependaalselaan 337A
1215 KG Hilversum, NH
Telefoon: 035-6216812
Fax: 035-6247663

Physiotherapy Douma “de Boomberg”

Vaartweg 42
1217 SV Hilversum, NH
Telefoon: 035-2400156

Physiotherapy Douma “Hilvertshoek”

Diependaalselaan 197
1214 KB Hilversum, NH
Telefoon: 035-2400124
Fax: 035-2400125

Where can you find our physiotherapists in Hilversum on the map?

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